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DELF (A1–B2)
DALF (C1–C2)
TCF (A1–C2)

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DELE (A1–C2)
This is a standardized test which indicates a student’s level of knowledge of Spanish, the certificate of DELE is awarded to you for the rest of your life, so there is no need to take it again. Language ON will provide you with all the necessary guidelines and materials so that you could pass DELE with flying colors.

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Goethe institute exams
Test DAF (A1–C2)
Goethe Institute certificates and TestDaF are generally taken for studying purposes or as an official certification of your language level. These exams are also required once you immigrate to Germany, DAF certificate will make it easier to land a job and generally will boost your level for a happy living in the country. Language ON experts in German will provide you with all necessary tools to get your German on the pinnacle of success.

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Business Spanish

If you are travelling to Spanish-speaking countries on business but your Spanish is not good enough yet Language ON is here for you! We are so keen on studying languages in depth, and Spanish is not the exception. Business Spanish course presupposes special program which was designed by our experienced coaches to boost your business vocabulary, improve your skills in understanding other people, teach you correct and topical business correspondence culture. All materials are provided for free, so enroll on a course right now and become a multi-language business shark!

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Business French

They say that French is the language of romance and love, but this is not quite much to be said about this language. French is an official tongue in such business hubs as Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco etc. If your business is closely connected with communication in French and you are not an expert yet Language ON team will be more than happy to assist you there! Enroll on a course and you will see how quickly you will progress with us!

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Our testimonials


Sergei Vishnevetskyi

Я изучаю английский язык с Language On с прошлого года, я молодой предприниматель, так что английский помогает мне сильно когда я встречаюсь с нашими иностранными партнерами, когда мне нужно делать презентации или когда у меня встречи за рубежом. Я прохожу бизнес-курс английского языка, и я могу сказать, что в течение нескольких месяцев я начал говорить намного лучше, мой словарный запас стал более развитым и мое произношение значительно улучшилось…




Max and Nastya

Hi we are a Ukrainian young family, we moved to Prague a while ago so we needed to find an English tutor who would speak great English and prepare Max for TOEFL, actually Language ON is great, Max passed TOEFL with a grate result entered the university and I am studying English just for everyday life, we love Language ON



Olga Boltovskaya

Hi, everyone! My name is Olya and I am studying Polish and Spanish with language on. I am a traveler myself and I am never at one place so I am totally into skype classes with great techers who make classes productive. This year I am planning to visit Spain and try to practice my gained Spanish skills, So Spain here I come!!!!!!


Raya and Sasha

We were preparing with Language ON for IELLTS general, we passed it with flying colors due to our mentor Masha! She is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, we were never bored and we actually became good friends. After passing IELTS we continue to take online classes with LANGUAGE ON cause we can’t just get enough!



Привет, меня зовут Лиза, я изучаю английский и французский с LANGUAGE ON, мне очень нравятся уроки с моими преподавателями Лидой и Валерией. У меня хорошие оценки в школе, и все мои друзья завидуют тому как я говорю!


Nikita Goldin

My name is Nikita and I know English excellntly, though my German was not so good before I started to study with LANGUAGE ON, I am a photographer and I work for a german company so I must speak this language well, my teacher Olya clearly explains everything and I see the progress! Join in and study with Language ON.



Eugen Grytskov

Hi everyone, I am an extremely busy person so I value every second of my life. I needed to pass TOEFL with a good grade to enroll into a foreign university and LANGUAGE ON helped me with that a lot, I passes TOEFL a couple of years ago, entered the university and now I am just taking Spanish classes with Lida and English classes with Oksana. I need to speak thse languages well since I constantly communicate with oversees partners and LANGUAGE ON helps me greatly with that!





Alina Putrya

I am originally from Ukraine but currently I am studying in medical school in Europe. My intention to study the languale was primarily to pass IELTS and I succeeded in it due to the teachers of Language ON, Masha did her best to make my results amazing and I am so grateful to her. Now I am studying with Language ON to keep my English in a good shape, to develop in this direction, I totally enjoy the convenience of these classes, no matter where you are only things you need are a laptop and wi-fi. I am going to take up some polish too ! Go on, study on , carry on with Language ON!


Diana Dzherih

Привет, меня зовут Диана и я визажист международного класса, я много путешествую и в данный момент проживаю в Израиле. Я столкнулась с проблемой изучения языка как только в первый раз попала в англоговорящую среду. Это было ужасно! Когда ты не можешь выразить свои мысли, когда заказать в ресторане блюдо представляет проблему, когда не можешь найти нужную улицу сразу начинаешь принимать меры. Поскольку я много путешествую и посещать уроки физически не успеваю language ON стал моим спасением. Я начала изучать английский и иврит. Очень круто так учится, учителя заинтересовывают и не хочется расставаться с языком больше никогда!



Valentine Yeromenko

Всем привет! Кто ещё не знает о такой замечательной опции как иностранный язык по скайпу обращайтесь в Language on! Я учу язык как говориться » для себя» и я безумно счастлива экономить время и деньги, классные уроки английского по доступной цене! Мне все нравится, присоединяйтесь и вы оцените гибкость графика и профессионализм команды!


Kate Kulinchenko

Why I chose Language ON?… Hmm, that’s not a difficult question at all, I have been studying with this school for more than half a year and I enjoy it immensely. My tutor is an up-beat person who knows not only English well but also how to lift my spirits . I am getting ready for IELTS, in the short term I’m going to start MBA program where English is inevitable, so Language ON helps me with making my dreams come true!




Anzhelika Volosova

English can be easily mastered. I am grateful to the school ‘Language ON’ for effortless education since my unpleasant language learning experience was left behind. Nadezhda always full of surprises, amusing stories, funny activities and interesting topics.Every next class does not look like previous one so I have never been bored. I have no idea how she can combine complicated things in a simple explanation and easy approach to learning with thorough investigation every tiny detail. The online format adds more comfort and makes classes accessible and affordable. This school is my true love!


Anastasiya Naumova

Я занимаюсь в школе language on недавно, но уже заметила результат. Как и многое, я учу английский «всю жизнь», но никак не могла добиться результата. Мне понравилось, что перед началом нашего обучения мы с Ольгой четко определили цель моего обучения и в соответствии с этим мне предложили на выбор учебный материал. Когда есть конкретная цель, то ее проще достигнуть! Обучение проходит в дружеской атмосфере, всегда живо и интересно! Если я не буду лениться, то уверена, что совместно мы сможем добиться поставленной цели 🙂



I am living in Germany now and since tutors here are quite expensive I resorted to online classes at Language ON and I will never regret it. My teachers were Masha and Nadia, they are great in terms of all aspects of the English language. I needed to pass IELTS test with at least 6.0 and I had only 2 moths to prepare, so we made it 7. I am so happy that one day I happened to browse the net and I came across this school, now I am applying for scholarship in one of the best universities in Germany, and without Language ON it wouldn’t be possible!





Igor Miniailo

Надя поистине классный преподаватель, все занятия проходят весело и интересно. Всегда поражался её оптимизмом и энтузиазмом, которыми она заряжала нас и вдохновляла на труд. Именно она привила мне любовь к языку. Весь урок проходит полностью на английском, что очень современно и продуктивно. Я посещал курсы, к сожалению, всего 3 месяца, так как поджимали сроки сдачи. Я очень благодарен моему учителю за отдачу и профессионализм.


Dima Zhirnov

I have taking classes at online school Language ON since 2014, with the outbreak of the war in Donetsk my family and I had to change our location, lifestyle, work and everything but we managed to keep one thing permanent- our passion for English, and this is where Language On happened. I study together with my son Alex, and currently we are preparing for BEC higher. I can assure you that you will enjoy online classes, since it is more than convenient, it is much fun and teachers here are the professionals who know what they do!!!!!!!

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