IELTS is an academic exam, IELTS certificate is widely recognized and is accepted in most secondary and higher educational establishments, it is the most required certification of your English knowledge while immigrating and looking for a job abroad.

Language ON teachers have been preparing students for this exam for more than 5 years and we are willing to share the most effective tailor-made course for you! If you buy one of these sets our special offer is 5 classes for free with IELTS speaking coach.

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IELTS Classic

48 classes = 3 classes a week + 5 free speaking classes

1 class – 60 mins

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  • free consultation
  • free 30 mins class
  • free practice tests

Books + our designed IELTS book

Course price – 480 $
1 class – 10 $

IELTS Express

32 classes = 4 classes a week + 5 free speaking classes

1 class – 60 mins

YOU get:

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  • free 30 mins class
  • free practice tests

books + our designed IELTS book

course price 352 $
1 class – 11 $

MUST-know information

Your IELTS certificate is valid within 2 years

  1. Maximum score is 9, most universities require minimum 5,5
  2. IELTS exam is taken in independent IELTS exam centers and depending on the center the price of the exam ranges from 120$-180$
  3. There are two types of IELTS exam: IELTS Academic (required for studying purposes), IELTS General ( required for immigration and getting a job abroad)

Exam structure


IELTS teachers

  • Language: English
  • Working experience: 3 years
  • Certificates:Kyiv linguistic University, Bachelor degree, English and French philology
  • Character: ambitious, optimistic, creative, artistic
  • Hobbies: traveling, music, art, fashion
  • Language: English
  • Work experience: 7 years
  • Certificates and Education: IELTS ( 8.5), internship in the USA 2010-212
  • Character: fiery, kind, with great sense of humor, knowledgeable
  • Hobbies: hanging out with friends, exploring the world, pursuing goals and dreams

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Our testimonials


Raya and Sasha

We were preparing with Language ON for IELLTS general, we passed it with flying colors due to our mentor Masha! She is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, we were never bored and we actually became good friends. After passing IELTS we continue to take online classes with LANGUAGE ON cause we can’t just get enough!


Alina Putrya

I am originally from Ukraine but currently I am studying in medical school in Europe. My intention to study the languale was primarily to pass IELTS and I succeeded in it due to the teachers of Language ON, Masha did her best to make my results amazing and I am so grateful to her. Now I am studying with Language ON to keep my English in a good shape, to develop in this direction, I totally enjoy the convenience of these classes, no matter where you are only things you need are a laptop and wi-fi. I am going to take up some polish too ! Go on, study on , carry on with Language ON!



I am living in Germany now and since tutors here are quite expensive I resorted to online classes at Language ON and I will never regret it. My teachers were Masha and Nadia, they are great in terms of all aspects of the English language. I needed to pass IELTS test with at least 6.0 and I had only 2 moths to prepare, so we made it 7. I am so happy that one day I happened to browse the net and I came across this school, now I am applying for scholarship in one of the best universities in Germany, and without Language ON it wouldn’t be possible!



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